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Recurring Revenue

Revenue recognition management tailored to your business.


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Flexible recurring revenue management that you customize for your business.

Do you have specific revenue recognition needs for your business? Do you recognize recurring revenue immediately and one time fees over a period as services are delivered? Do you manage your earned and deferred revenue in spreadsheets? Fusebill's recurring revenue automation streamlines this and keeps track of everything so month end closing is no longer a pain.  

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Set your revenue recognition rules and we will take care of the rest.

With Fusebill’s agile catalog you have complete control over your revenue recognition rules.  Set your products to start recognizing revenue the moment they are charged or let the Fusebill system accrue revenue over the charge duration.  Our flexible life cycle settings help meet you company’s unique situation and reduces workload for your finance teams.

With Fusebill revenue recognition:

  • Flexible revenue recognition setting.
  • exact outstanding revenue amounts at any moment in time.

Fusebill is backed by a general ledger so everything stays in sync with your back end.

Fusebill leverages standard accounting ledgers to track your assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses.  With the ability to quickly report on key metrics such as total outstanding deferred revenue and aging AR receivables, performing monthly closing operations becomes a breeze.

Accounting ledgers let you:

  • Track assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses.
  • Breakdown cash by source.
  • Accrue revenue and discounts in real time.

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Earned and deferred revenue.

Tracking your revenue movements for your recurring subscriptions is often no simple task.  With distributed billing and associated discounts it is often difficult to get a sense of the bottom line.  With Fusebill intelligent dashboards you can track your daily and monthly revenues and easily compare them to previous performance.

Keep an eye on revenues with:

  • Customer dashboard
  • Subscription dashboard
  • Earned revenue dashboard
  • Monthly recurring revenue dashboard

Do you need more subscription billing software that will accomodate your revenue recognition needs?

Fusebill's platform will help with your revenue management needs.

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