Get Paid Fast with Fusebill Payments

So Much More Than a Payment Gateway

Fusebill Payments delivers fully integrated payment processing through the Fusebill subscription billing and management platform. Fusebill Payments enables you to accept and process online payments directly through your Fusebill account, and because Fusebill Payments is completely integrated into your subscription billing system, you can: 

  • Manage your entire subscription life-cycle through a single system
  • Reduce failed and late payments by up to 700%
  • Decrease time spent on billing and payment processing by 80%
  • And lower your total cost of ownership

Payment Gateway, Subscription Management - Everything under one roof

Fusebill Payments is so much more than just a payment gateway. Because Fusebill Payments is completely integrated into the Fusebill subscription billing and management platform, the entire process is streamlined and automated in ways not possible for a standard gateway.

When investigating a payment, all of the required information and data you need can be found and accessed through Fusebill rather than having to toggle between two separate systems. Customers enjoy single source reporting for gateway and cash reconciliation.

Complete Guide to Subscription Billing


Complete Guide to Subscription Billing.

This guide will walk through the wide range of features required to automate your recurring billing, subscription management, and payment process.



Your customers get the streamlined payment experience they're looking for and you get your money - faster

Using Fusebill Payments means you have one team to call when you require support or have questions. No more bouncing between companies to get answer, your Fusebill Customer Success team is available to help you with all of your needs. 

Fusebill Payments Account Updater allows automated updating of expired credit cards during processing, delivering a decline rate that is 7x lower than the industry average (industry average 2.9% vs. Fusebill Payments 0.4%).

Fusebill Payments Advanced Risk Management capabilities reduce online fraud instances from an industry average of 0.9% to 0.2%. You can enjoy fewer interruptions to your revenue stream and fewer cycles spent chasing down credit card updates for successful payments.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

When combining Fusebill Payments with the Fusebill Subscription Management Platform, you have the lowest cost of ownership in the industry with:

  • 80% less time spent on invoicing
  • A reduction in failed and late payments by 700%
  • Low processing fees, free sign-up and no monthly fees (transaction fees starting at 2.85% + $0.30)

Having integrated payment processing as part of your subscription billing and management platform means you are gaining efficiencies and maximizing resources. Your administrative workload is streamlined, because you are using one single tool to manage billing, payments, revenue recognition and reporting.

Start accepting payments in minutes!

Fusebill Payments can be set up without having to deal with long complex forms. Completing the 6-step activation wizard instantly gets you provisioned with a merchant account behind the scenes so you can start processing payment right away.

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Complete Guide to Subscription Billing

Your Complete Guide to Subscription Billing

Companies exploring subscription billing solutions need to ensure they choose a platform that meets their long-term needs.

Freeing up 40 hours of billing activities each month

Uberflip’s customer invoicing requirements are high volume and steadily growing. With over 1600 subscription customers and multiple subscription packages for them to choose from, their subscription management and billing requirements were becoming unmanageable with their manual process.

Flexible subscription pricing for rapid growth

ClearPathGPS’ customer billing requirements are highly customized and high volume. They are a no-contract provider which means they need to prorate subscriptions to the day and there can be hundreds of plan adjustments daily. Not only is this a cumbersome process but it is a complex one that required a flexible solution.

Reduced time on billing by 80%

instream has reduced their registration and billing process time by 80%. See how Fusebill saves them time and money allowing them to focus on other strategic areas of the business.

Maintaining a 50% annual growth rate

NonProfit Technologies (NPT) had experienced tremendous growth at an early stage, scaling their customer base by 500% within the first 2 years of business. Fusebill helped to fuel that growth by automating their billing, allowing NPT to focus on other important areas of their business.


Subscription Billing Made Easy

Fusebill helps automate
  • Dunning Management
  • Email Communications
  • Self Service Portal
  • Account Statusing

Ignite Your Growth With Fusebill Subscription Management and Recurring Billing