Uberflip: A Case Study

Freeing up 40 hours of billing and accounting activities each month

Uberflip - Recurring Billing Solution Case Study
Recurring Billing Case Study

Fusebill has all the subscription billing and management capabilities we require today and it’s the ONLY platform that will satisfy our future needs as we scale.

Udi Pan, Finance Manager


Recurring Billing Experts

With Fusebill, we have peace of mind. Our billing, payment, and accounting data is synchronized and secure, and runs seamlessly through our back end systems.

Udi Pan, Finance Manager


Uberflip needed a scalable billing solution to accommodate growth

Uberflip is a B2B SaaS company that provides the tools to help businesses create a content journey for their customers. Their customers pay on a subscription basis for marketing and campaign tools, delivery mechanisms, content resources and expertise.

Prior to using Fusebill, Uberflip built an internal billing and payment system that they quickly out-grew as their business scaled in volume and complexity.  Much of their account tracking was done manually via Excel spreadsheets, and their monthly invoicing took up to 5 days to complete.  Fusebill automated and streamlined their subscription billing processes and cut their invoicing time down to one day -  freeing up more time to build their core business.  Fusebill also provides the reporting features Uberflip requires to optimize their operations – a capability their homegrown solution lacked.

As a rapid growth business, Uberflip needed additional billing and subscription flexibility through a platform that would fuel their rapid growth plans rather than create a bottleneck. Fusebill’s scalability has enabled them to expand their business rapidly and with cost certainty.


The Customer

Uberflip helps businesses create, control, manage and optimize their marketing and sales content. Uberflip provides businesses with the tools and expertise to engage their prospects and deliver smart content, at the right time, to the right people.

The Challenge

Uberflip’s customer invoicing requirements are high volume and have been steadily growing. With multiple pricing packages and over 1600 subscription billing customers, it didn’t take long to realize that their manual processes would not satisfy their billing requirements.  The ability to track their earned and deferred revenue was limited while their financial accounting and reporting requirements were becoming unmanageable.

The Solution

Fusebill has automated and streamlined Uberflip’s billing and accounting activities freeing up more than 40 hours per month. Revenue recognition is handled automatically and Fusebill’s reporting functionality provides Uberflip with the insight they need to improve operational efficiency and customer support.

The Benefits

Fusebill, has enabled Uberflip to successfully automate and manage all aspects of their subscription billing –saving them time and money while delivering quick ROI. With Fusebill’s powerful, flexible, ledger-base subscription billing platform, Uberflip continues to drive rapid growth without worrying that they’ll outgrow their subscription billing platform.  Plus, with Fusebill’s annual cost certainty, Uberflip knows exactly what they are spending on their subscription billing management.

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Flat Pricing. No Overages.

Fusebill provides access to our Full Feature Set across ALL plans, allowing you to scale your business with complete confidence through every stage of growth.


Ignite your growth with the complete enterprise feature set available across all plans irrespective of your revenues. No nickle and diming for features you need to grow.

Automated Subscription Management. Eliminate Billing Bottlenecks. Launch Products faster.

Subscription Billing Made Easy

Fusebill helps automate
  • Dunning Management
  • Email Communications
  • Self Service Portal
  • Account Statusing

Top Performing Subscription Billing Solution

Fusebill’s agile software platform automates all aspects of your subscription business including provisioning, recurring billing, revenue recognition and catalog management. Its flexibility allows you to rapidly make changes to meet customer demands.

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