Increased Business by 3X While Spending 90% Less Time on Billing

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It used to take us two weeks to send invoices for everybody. Now, at the turn the clock by midnight crossing to next morning, we will have sent most of the invoices.

Chiou Hao Chan, COO



We now do more volume business with the same amount of team members.

Chiou Hao Chan, COO


Recurring Billing Experts

The finance team is able to cope with any issues much, much faster than before. In terms of customer satisfaction and customer general response, we are able to pacify an irritated customer much faster than we were in the past.

Chiou Hao Chan, COO



Our business has scaled up three times, but we are actually spending less time on billing and more time on the proactive side of the company’s expansion.

Chiou Hao Chan, COO


Required an automated billing solution to simplify its billing process and allow for scale.

With two decades of experience in the human resource management space, JustLogin evolved from a company that focused specifically on office and workflow automation to one that now addresses the full range of its customers HR requirements.

Although the company built up an ISO 27001-certified, award-winning suite of cloud-based HR applications, it was struggling with a lack of efficiency and automation on its billing end. JustLogin’s leadership knew that to enhance its sales and payment processes, it would need to implement a better billing solution.

The Customer

JustLogin is a leading cloud-based HR software solutions provider in Singapore. Offered in a modular management structure, the company’s integrated software meets the evolving people-management needs of businesses across a variety of industries.

The Challenge

The greatest challenge for JustLogin was the amount of manual intervention required to invoice its customers on a monthly basis. It took two to three team members working overtime for two weeks to bill the company’s 800 customers.

JustLogin’s previous billing system also created barriers for its sales team. The system’s lack of pricing flexibility meant sales couldn't get creative with its deal-making—an extremely frustrating restriction in a region where negotiating prices is commonplace.

Finally, the company was stuck receiving most of its payments via check and wire transfers. Credit card payments was a vision it was looking to embrace, as well as greater self-service functionality in general.

The Solution

After reviewing numerous subscription billing solutions, JustLogin selected Fusebill to solve its growth challenges.

Since the transition, the company has dramatically reduced the amount of time it spends on billing. Most customers now receive their invoices on day one. And once received, customers have the option to pay immediately with credit cards—a huge convenience for customers and functionality that gets JustLogin paid faster.

The increased efficiencies have enabled JustLogin to grow its customer-base seamlessly.

The Benefits

Since starting with Fusebill, the JustLogin team has decreased invoicing errors and reduced the time it spends on billing by 90%. When customers contact the company with issues, they are resolved in record time, resulting in an increased level of customer satisfaction.

With automated billing and subscription management in place, the company has grown by 3X with the same number of employees. Additionally, the finance team no longer needs to put in overtime to complete the billing process.

JustLogin can now implement various pricing strategies at the customer level—from tiered to stairstep and volume. With complete pricing flexibility, its sales team can structure deals for customers in whichever way they like. This has given them a distinct competitive advantage.

With streamlined automation and the confidence to continue handling rapid growth of its customer base, JustLogin is now looking to move into other geographic areas. Thanks to Fusebill’s ability to handle multiple currencies and taxation structures, this outward expansion is now possible.

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Flat Pricing. No Overages.

Fusebill provides access to our Full Feature Set across ALL plans, allowing you to scale your business with complete confidence through every stage of growth.


Ignite your growth with the complete enterprise feature set available across all plans irrespective of your revenues. No nickle and diming for features you need to grow.


Subscription Billing Made Easy

Fusebill helps automate
  • Dunning Management
  • Email Communications
  • Self Service Portal
  • Account Statusing

Top Performing Subscription Billing Solution

Fusebill’s agile software platform automates all aspects of your subscription business including provisioning, recurring billing, revenue recognition and catalog management. Its flexibility allows you to rapidly make changes to meet customer demands.

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