AVIONICA: A Case Study

Reclaiming Over 30 Hours per Month From Billing

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I’ve been very happy to work with Fusebill’s team of developers, the sales team, and even the CEO. Everyone along the way has been great with us and they understand our needs and our projections for the future. They understand that we’re growing and that we need this platform to better prepare ourselves for the large number of customers we foresee in the near future.

Jeffrey Alvarado, Financial Planning and Analysis Operations Analyst


Recurring Billing Experts

I’m probably saving close to eight hours a week, depending on the week. Fusebill is allowing us to focus on other issues in the business, knowing billing is being processed and taken care of.

Jeffrey Alvarado, Financial Planning and Analysis Operations Analyst



Fusebill is allowing us to have a better idea of our deferred and current revenue, as well as an awareness of which customers might need to have a more unique solution for their businesses.

Jeffrey Alvarado, Financial Planning and Analysis Operations Analyst


Required a Dynamic, Automated Billing Solution That Would Support Scalability

Avionica specializes in complete flight data and communications management solutions, including airborne avionics and ground support equipment.  

The company’s products and services ensure a seamless flow of data—from ground to cockpit—for clients around the world. And after more than two and a half decades, Avionica’s innovative offerings continue to not only support—and delight—its customers, but they also improve safety and efficiency standards across the aviation industry. 

As the company scaled, its team recognized it was necessary to secure a more efficient billing solution to better serve the needs of its customers and to support its projected growth.  


Avionica used spreadsheets to manage the accounts of its customers and each of their aircrafts for yearsa process which was becoming increasingly time consuming. The company wanted to find a more efficient process for this, as well as acquire the ability to perform more accurate, in-depth forecasting to predict its potential churn rate and future cash flow situation. 

Since integrating with Fusebill’s automated subscription management and recurring billing platform, Avionica has reclaimed countless employee workhours that are now being better spent serving the needs of its customers. It’s also now fully equipped for rapid, unlimited scale without any impact on its human resources.

The Customer

Avionica supplies products and services to commercial aircraft operators. As a specialist in flight data management avionics, the company ensures a seamless flow of data for more than 500 global aviation industry customers with benchmark products operating on over 8,000 aircrafts around the world. 

The Challenge

After years of impressive growth within the aviation industry, Avionica was beginning to feel the strain of operating its recurring billing business within a manual billing system. Its invoicing and subscription management processes were becoming overly time-consuming, and its team was unable to perform the level of forecasting it desired in terms of cashflow and customer churn. Furthermore, the company wanted the ability to provide its customers with better billing transparency to give them peace of mind about the accuracy of their invoices. 

With new growth opportunities coming down the pipeline, Avionica knew it needed a billing solution with more robust functionality that would support scale into the future. 

The Solution

Since implementing Fusebill’s dynamic automated subscription billing software, the team at Avionica has been able to leave tedious, manual billing processes in the past.  

Avionica’s new automated billing functionality has reduced its time spent on billing-related processes and enabled its team members to perform granular reporting and forecasting. This is providing them with better revenue and churn predictability and enabling them to make better business-planning decisions 

Transparency and billing accuracy have also improved. The company is implementing Fusebill’s easy-to-use customer self-serve portal to assure customers they’re being accurately charged for their data usage, while also enabling them to make convenient changes to their own accounts. 

The Benefits

Avionica now saves more than 30 hours a month on billing related processes. This reclaimed time has enabled the business to focus even more on serving the needs of its customers.  

The company used to have periods throughout the year during which it would have huge numbers of subscriptions up for renewal. This situation regularly created a large workload on the billing side. Automated recurring billing has eliminated waves of increased workload, replacing them with a consistent, automated structure. 

And while the company’s previous billing solution provided some capabilities in terms of forecasting and revenue predictability, the accurate functionality of Fusebill’s software now enables Avionica to understand precisely what’s needed to acquire and maintain customer contracts. 

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