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Velaro Fusebill Recurring Billing

Simple Honest Pricing. No Surprises.

Fusebill provides access to our Full Feature Set across ALL plans, allowing you to scale your business with complete confidence through every stage of growth. Plans start from $99/month.

3M -$5M Annual Revenue

Start up < $1M ARR
Rapid-Growth $1M -$10M ARR
Enterprise > $10M ARR

Ignite your growth with the complete enterprise feature set for all your recurring billing needs, available across all plans irrespective of your revenues. No nickle and diming for the recurring billing features you need to grow.


MILLION Customers Billed Annually


MILLION Dollars Recaptured Annually


THOUSAND+ Credit Cards Charged Every Day


THOUSAND+ Invoices Sent Every Day

Empower Your Subscription Billing Business for Growth.

Every plan includes Fusebill's complete feature set for all your subscription management, recurring billing, payment collection and more.

Automate Billing Processes

Automate your recurring billing, invoicing and payments. Improve your customer's experience and reduce churn with subscription management, hosted self service portal and check-out pages.

Get Products Launched Faster

We handle all the difficult code to empower you with highly configurable recurring billing, one-time, metered, volume, and tiered charging models. Eliminate billing related bottlenecks even for the most complex billing scenarios.

Simplify Complex Billing

Set-up payment in minutes. Integrating payment processing directly into your subscription billing and lifecycle management platform. Reduce failed and late payments by up to 700%.

Effortless Revenue Recognition

Revenue recognition rules, and recurring revenue management—Fusebill's recurring revenue automation streamlines this and keeps track of everything so month end closing is no longer a pain.

Get paid Fast

Customers want flexibility on how they pay you, whether it's with credit card, PayPal, ACH/EFT. Fusebill offers recurring billing and payment management for credit cards, ACH/EFT, and PayPal to help you get paid faster.

Real-time Business Insights

Keep an eye on key subscription metrics with analytics, dashboards, reconciliation reports, and accounting ledgers. Fusebill's powerful reporting tools let you gain valuable insights into your customer base and helps you respond to business needs better.

Highly Trusted Security

We have gone the extra mile with our security practices and processes to ensure your peace of mind. Fusebill is secured with state of the art firewalls, network intrusion, and content delivery technology. In accordance with the highest standards, Fusebill is PCI Level 1 certified.

Seamless Integrations

Connect Fusebill to your favorite CRM, revenue recognition, accounting, business management tools, and payment pateways. We provide native integrations with Salesforce, Quickbooks, Avalara, and rich REST API.

Fusebill Subscription Platform - Customer Testimonials

Fusebill has all the subscription billing and management capabilities we require now, AND it’s the only platform that will satisfy our future needs as we scale.

Udi Pan, Finance manager
Recurring Billing Testimonial
With Fusebill we reduced our time spent on billing by 80%, it has helped maximize our revenue and increased our customer satisfaction.
Joel Bisson, Founder, President & CEO
Fusebill Subscription Billing Testimonial
Fusebill’s feature - rich platform has given us a powerful way to seamlessly manage our entire subscription business from billing to account management. Fusebill is the Swiss Army Knife of billing.
Chris Fowler, CoFounder and CEO
Fusebill Subscription Management and Recurring Billing Platform Testimonial
Fusebill has scaled with us as our needs and processes have changed, allowing us to maintain a 50% annual growth rate and double our number of product offerings each year.
Kevin Massey, Founder, President and CEO
Guide to Subscription Billing

Your Complete Guide to Subscription Billing

Companies exploring subscription billing solutions and need to ensure they choose a platform that meets their long-term needs.

Top Performing Subscription Billing Solution

Fusebill’s agile software platform automates all aspects of your subscription business including provisioning, recurring billing, revenue recognition and catalog management. Its flexibility allows you to rapidly make changes to meet customer demands.

High -Perfomance-Subscription-Biling-Platform
Fusebill Subscription and Recurring Billing Management Software


4.4 out of 5 stars

Recurring Billing Software


3.9 out of 5 stars


3.9 out of 5 stars

Ignite Your Growth With Automated and Agile Subscription Billing.