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Rapidly make changes with Fusebill.

Launch a new product, bundle products into a new plan, or create pricing for a specific customer. Fusebill lets you compete, adapt and react faster.

  • Automatically charge cards each month, manage expiring cards, failures, and fraud.
  • Automated credit card processing with over 40 supported payment gateways.
  • Automated pro rating, upgrades, downgrades, cancellations.
  • Mobile payment application supports face-to-face selling.
  • Define products & plans in a product catalog; grandfather plans.
  • Bundle products together and set new prices.
  • Over-ride pricing at an individual customer level.
  • PCI Level 1 compliant processing automatically using your payment gateway.

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Fusebill automates all of your billing processes.

By seamlessly integrating invoiced and credit card customers Fusebill simplifies your billing operations, eliminating the bottlenecks that prevent you from scaling – and letting you focus your resources on your business.

  • Automate charges, collections, dunning and communications.
  • Automated invoicing and credit card processing in one platform.
  • Create itemized invoices & automate delivery.
  • Edit invoices with manual charges & discounts & display online.
  • Preview invoices before delivery – or automate.
  • AR Aging Reports.

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Keep your finger on the pulse of your subscription business revenue.

Fusebill generates insights about your customers so you can grow your revenues. From standard accounting reports through insightful cohort analysis, Fusebill gives you the clarity you need.

  • Analyze results by product, plan, customer, and user.
  • Extensive library of dynamic financial, customer and accounting reports – drill down, drill across  core metrics
  • including revenues, CLV, churn, monthly recurring revenues.
  • Explore cohort analysiss – evaluate customer revenues by channel, salesperson, age, geography.
  • Identify factors affectingchurn, retention and revenue growth.
  • Integrate data sources – Analytics, Salesforce – with billing data

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customer service

Reduce support calls & give customers the options they want.

Fusebill makes billing easier, frees up your IT team, and centralizes customer management, subscriptions, and financial transactions.

  • Create online checkout pages
  • Let your customers securely manage their own accounts.
  • Create free trials, discounts, and promotional coupons.
  • Add multiple subscriptions to accounts .
  • Upsell and cross-sell additional subscriptions – all on the same bill.
  • One click renewals.
  • Automated notifications of renewals & expiring cards.

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Link Fusebill to your systems and processes.

Fusebill integrates with your existing processes and systems to eliminate delays, errors and double entry.

  • Two way integration with SalesforceCRM lets sales team work in Salesforce and process orders automatically
  • Track revenues, earned revenues, collections – report by GL code for easy uploading to accounting systems
  • Automatically email internal staff and partners with orders or account changes
  • Use Webhooks to notify downstream systems of subscription events
  • Full REST based API allows straightforward, tight integration for developers
  • Control your workflow – automate completely, or review before processing.
  • Avalara  integration– sales tax accuracy.

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“We recommend Fusebill because the services work, and work well. When they don’t, or you need help, the team is super responsive. You can’t ask for anything more than that. If Fusebill even comes close to fitting your business needs, you would be wise to seriously consider it.”
Jason Talley, Nuvio
“Fusebill’s hands on approach to onboarding trumped the do it yourself model of Recurly.”
Mira Ramos, Fax87
“We wholeheartedly endorse Fusebill. Our experience with them has been excellent across the board. Their customer service and tech support teams were critical to our ability to launch version 5 of our main software offering, CaseVue.com.”
Gregg Phillips, AutoGov
“My company was looking for something easy, safe, and reliable. After testing Fusebill we felt confident in our choice. I recommend the free trial for anyone who may be unsure; it will definitely change your mind in a positive way!”
Emma McBride, Getapp.com
“Our biggest source of confidence comes from working with your team. Your folks obviously care about successful outcomes with new customers, and your time and expertise investment in our project has proven to me that we are in good hands with Fusebill.”
Steve Land, VerifiedAD
“Not only is Fusebill easy to use, it also offers excellent value for the money with extensive functionality that you don’t see with the other offerings out there.”
Marty, Getapp.com
“We were desperate to find a recurring billing vendor that could allow us to process manual checks and set up accounts receivable terms. After looking at the most popular online vendors in this space, we finally found Fusebill and have solved a major pain point for our business.”
Michelle Prentice, Getapp.com
“Fusebill is the easiest subscription software we’ve ever used. It makes it super easy to create many different pricing options. FUSEBILL ROCKS!
Monty McCallum, Blast Ramp
Fusebill is a great team to work with. The service provides a broad range of features that support both credit card and invoiced customers. They really know their stuff when it comes to the challenges of recurring billing in a cloud world. The interface is straightforward to use, and the reporting is excellent. Most importantly, the on boarding and support teams have been very responsive, and very helpful. They even go the extra mile to give you new ideas for new packaging and pricing your own services.”
Sasymel, Getapp.com
“The support team at Fusebill is hands-down the best. Our interactions have been wonderful and they worked hard to provide us with tools that helped to make our migration easy and possible.”
Jason Talley, Nuvio
“By automating our billing with Fusebill, we’ve freed up our sales and development team to focus on our business. Fusebill is a great team to work with – always available and friendly.”
Mélanie Attia, e-SignLive
“Fusebill isn’t SAAS – it’s SOTOSAAS (Service On Top Of Software As A Service). I’m amazed and completely impressed. You have made long term fans of all of us here at StrongEye. I have never felt better about recommending any vendor to my clients than I do about you guys”
Steve Land, StrongEye
“Great product that I have recommended to many others. Fusebill has all the features you could ever need in an automated billing service.”
Jed Fowler, Serchen
“The simplicity and comprehensive nature of Fusebill helps us move faster and makes it super easy to create different pricing options. “
Monty McCallum, Blast Ramp
“Fusebill changed our business through automated billing. Great team to work with!”
Sasymel, Getapp.com
Fusebill allows us to concentrate on our business, and our core competency while offloading the revenue collection without concern. It is really that simple.”
Jason Talley, Nuvio

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